So Terri and I went to StL last Monday to see my Docs for check ups and I got thrown in the Hospital for a week. We’re home now… not sure I’m feeling any better. They put in a new catheter, so I could do this new treatment.  Anyway… My transplant doc thinks my chronic GVHD is having an Acute flare-up. Which might be treatable using photopheresis.

We are going back to StL for another two days of treatment on Tuesday but won’t get home until Thursday afternoon. Based on how I felt after the last set I ‘d say Friday won’t be much fun. It doest hurt or anything during the treatment, I just seem to be one of the lucky ones and feel like crap afterwards. It’s suppose to take several treatments to have an effect. I’m suppose to get a set of treatments once a week, so we’ll know if it is working in mid-October.

Still dealing with all the other stuff in our last post and a blood clot which is now four weeks old. Adding the acute gvhd on top of all of this is pushing things to their limits. So please send some positive vibes, a prayer, pixie dust my way, and Terri too. Not much else I can think of to say. As always, thank you for your support.  🙂

~ mark &Terri, Caitie and Kai