Well it looks good… I went on Monday to St. Louis and got my final results of the BM biopsy. I’m cautiously optimistic about the results, but they are positive. I am 100% donor and the FISH test “found” my cells to be “normal”, however they did observe four chromosome 7 signals. I have no idea what that means. For normal people that is within normally accepted parameters. For me… I have no idea. It’s like an ice berg, you can see the tip of it, but most of it is underwater. But that is a problem we can face in a year or two. Right now staying healthy with no infections is what I need to do now. I need to build up my strength, and let my donor cells multiply so that they are all in the normal range. That takes up to a year, and just as important… I need to heal.

We have been very positive through our blog posts, and our lives in general. It is the best way to survive this journey. That is where a reality check is needed for me and you. A bone marrow transplant is not like cancer. Yes, I received chemo, but at much higher levels than 99% of all cancer patients. Not only did it kill all my blood making cells, it also did a lot of damage to the organs in my body. On top of that, due to GVHD and four infections back to back, my blood counts dropped to the point where they were ready to give me transfusions and stick me back in the hospital. My counts are now going up, which we all want to celebrate. But they were as low as you can go. And I have a long way to go to reach “normal” levels, and that is going to take a year, maybe two. I certainly did not think it would take that long, so I need to focus on my health and heal.

I have now not been ill for three weeks and that feels so good. My GVHD seams to be under control and stable. Two very important things to be happy about! Infection is the leading cause of mortality in the first year, closely followed by GVHD (Relapse takes 2 – 5 years to show up). I had both and survived them. Mostly, I think, from a positive attitude and all the support and love from all of you. So thank you once again!!! I know there will be good days and bad days, with rocks in the stream to navigate around. I’m just gonna continue to go with the flow, look for and add ways to improve my health, and let my body heal.

~ Mark


P.S. Yep, it looks like this journey may go on a little longer than we expected. Well, this part of it anyway. The whole journey of our lives can go on as long as it wants! This is just a piece of it. And although this darn recovery thing seems to be dragging its feet, its feet seem to be going in the right direction. And I will take any steps as long as they are in the right direction. We are celebrating the small victories because they are victories. 100% donor, Good results from the FISH test, blood counts slowly rising. Yay! I don’t have a lot to add. We just keep plodding along, grateful for every sunrise, for our family, and for all of you! Aloha Hoalohas <3 <3 Terri



  1. Yippee! That calls for anoher round of pixie dust”

  2. Glad to hear of the FISH test results and donorship! Hope damaged organs can reheal!

  3. Gotta love it when the title blog has the words “Good News” in it! Woooooooooooothoooooooo! Fairies are dancing and singing your good fortune! and the words “grateful for every sunrise” warms our souls! Thank you for sharing your trials and tribulations with the likes of us! To good health!!!! HUGS ♥

  4. Linda Senenfelder

    So very happy to hear all the good stuff. We will co to he to pray for you all and send positive thoughts your way. Like you say. One step at a time. Celebrate the good things and pray over everything g else. God Blesz you all.