For Starters

There is no obligation… no guilt trip… to help us out. Please only help us if you really want to.

Mental Health Day task

If you are willing, and able for a Terri mental health day is to offer to check in on the kids and me when Terri is at a local hotel or no further than Kansas City. All that is involved is to be available just in case I get a spontaneous illness with a fever above 101.5 degrees. If that was to occur, then I would need to go to the emergency room and have you call Terri to pick up and be with the kids. We don’t want to leave them alone under those circumstances. We’ve done this twice before and it went over smoothly, if you can call such a thing. We would give you a couple of weekend dates and you can choose what works for you. If Terri does not go on her scheduled break, then you are free. This is what we need the most. One weekend a month, a different person each month. I hope that clarifies this task.

Help with lawn and Garage

The lawn is done… the trees could use some trimming so they do not rub against the roof, that is pretty much all we needed for the yard. The Garage just needs to be straightened up and a small bit of organization. With a couple/few people it would be done in a couple of hours. We promise to feed you, and provide drinks for you. Plus we could catch up.

Social Contact… being alone sucks!

Truly, all I need is someone to talk to via email. I really can’t talk as most of you already know because of my vocal cord polyps. I am the same person you knew before, aside from being bald, which I hate, but that is life. No need to shy away… I have no plans on dying, I have too much to live for. I still think pretty well even through all the meds and chemo. I’d rather email than FB because FB warned me that I was improperly using the IM feature and they would cut me off. So screw FB! Soon Physical Therapy will make me strong enough to go out to lunch for those of you in Columbia, otherwise its still an email. I really tried to IM a couple people who are good friends, but I cannot be online all day to chat. Perhaps it is self-centered of me, but I’m being realistic about my limitations. I think that covers it… I hope the clarifications help.

Thank you all very much… for those sharing positive vibes, prayers, pixie dust and knocks on wood. They do give me strength to carry on and fight through the complications.

~ Mark


  1. Ok, you need emails! I usually check it every day so we could chat but I don’t know if I could have all the intellectual discussions you want. :0

  2. Mark,

    Hope you are coping! Our lawn continues to sprout up in this new spring or whatever season it is now. Summer hours start May 19–it’s that time of year, with mnay changes in my part of Clark Hall.

  3. Would love to email with you 🙂

    I check my Yahoo account daily and generally reply in a day or so. Let me hear from you!


  4. Sunbeam Magic

    Hey there! if i lived closer I would be at your door knocking and swish in to do what I could! he he but alas we are miles apart… so use me as a new friend who loves to write and receive emails about everything under the Sun! HUGS to you and Terri!