Hourglass_Sand_Timers_Wallpaper_c04v5Some of this is a ramble, be forewarned.

Yesterday, the nurse coordinator called and told us that our donor accepted and could we send in our paperwork now. It’s 3:30pm! Overnight it, she says, cuz the insurance company won’t pay without hardcopies. No donor, no transplant. I’m happy for a second, my donor came through.

Then complete terror hits in… I have to be in St. Louis on Feb 27th!!! to begin chemo and my 30 day stint. Denial is a wonderful thing. That date just shattered it. I have three weeks to do everything! Three weeks is not enough time to do half of the stuff I think I have to do.

But the silver lining is that I only have to wait three weeks. I’m not the type of person that likes to wait around, give me a task and I jump right in and do it. Most of the time 😛 . Just sitting around and dwelling on what may happen is not my thing.

Now that may sound odd, because seven years ago they said you need to do this now. That was in Seattle and they have one of the highest success rates in world. At that time (which is chronicled in our early blog, Just Flowing Along), I said, “ahhh No… I need to get in the best health I can get in.” The doctor shook his head and said “That won’t help”. Most of these guys have blinders on, like you see on a horse. There is only one way. I sort of digress, but its an important lesson.

In the past 7 years I learned Tiaji, Qigong, meditation, to eat organic whole foods, all the tools that I need to get through this. And I lived an extra 7 years. Thank God, the doctor at Siteman in St. Louis said let’s watch it, you’re in good health. Did I choose to wait… yes. Did I dwell a bit… yes. Did I DO something to help heal myself… Damn straight!

In that time they have gotten a lot better at doing stem cell transplants. Survival for me went from 20% to now 30 – 40%. And I have 7 years of practicing Chinese (complementary) medicine. I learned that Chinese medicine is an unlikely cure for MDS, but no doubt it extended my life. And I know I will survive this.

So the countdown finally begins… today I am comfortable with that.



  1. Startling, but good to know. Being comfortable in today is a good place to be. Another step on the journey!

  2. Give yourself whatever gifts of time and rest you need to feel better and know that you’re surrounded by caring thoughts and prayers and heartfelt wishes. Seven years ago is when I first met you … smiles. You and Sean, andThor were always kind to me no matter how much I screwed up. anyway… know people care and love you! Best of luck!

    • Sunbeam, thank you for your words of encouragement and support. I appreciate all the positive vibes you are sending my way.

  3. Linda Senenfelder

    Meal please know that you are in our prayers as well as your family. You are a very strong person and of anyone can do this we know it is you. Prayers Nd good thoughts are coming your way until this is finished.


    • Thank you so much Linda (and all). Your continuing support and positive energy are appreciated more than we can express.