So Terri and I went to StL last Monday to see my Docs for check ups and I got thrown in the Hospital for a week. We’re home now… not sure I’m feeling any better. They put in a new catheter, so I could do this new treatment.  Anyway… My transplant doc thinks my chronic GVHD is having an Acute flare-up. Which might be treatable using photopheresis.

We are going back to StL for another two days of treatment on Tuesday but won’t get home until Thursday afternoon. Based on how I felt after the last set I ‘d say Friday won’t be much fun. It doest hurt or anything during the treatment, I just seem to be one of the lucky ones and feel like crap afterwards. It’s suppose to take several treatments to have an effect. I’m suppose to get a set of treatments once a week, so we’ll know if it is working in mid-October.

Still dealing with all the other stuff in our last post and a blood clot which is now four weeks old. Adding the acute gvhd on top of all of this is pushing things to their limits. So please send some positive vibes, a prayer, pixie dust my way, and Terri too. Not much else I can think of to say. As always, thank you for your support.  🙂

~ mark &Terri, Caitie and Kai


  1. Here’s to better feelings!!!!

  2. Sending good wishes for you all!

  3. Thinking of you and your family! Wishing you some peace and healing rest.

  4. Loretta And Bob

    Sending lots of pixie dust and positive vibes that this may be the solution you’ve been waiting for!

  5. Bzzzzzzz-positive vibes, check! Hail Mary full of grace…-prayers, check! Thump-giant bag of pixie dust delivered, check! Do this daily, check! Always thinking of you and your family and hoping the good times aren’t far away.

  6. Linda Senenfelder

    As always you are in our prayers. Hoping this new treatment works fir you. Will add some pixie dust and good vibes for good luck. Praying as always Bob and Linda