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This is a very ANGRY post. But I hope you will learn something from it, and do something about it.

For the past 70 or so years doctors have been using chemotherapy and radiation to “fight” cancer. Doctors back then were well intentioned. They needed a way to kill cancer cells. But its been 70 years since doctors first used a chemical that was originally used in WWI, called Mustard Gas. Yeah, that chemical warfare shit! Not a whole lot has changed, the chemicals have, but the therapy has not. Radiation treatment is really no different. This is insane.


I will use a couple of analogies to make my point. In my treatment, they are using two chemo drugs that will kill off the cancer cells and every growing cell in my body. And it damages most of the organs in my body. That is like using an atomic bomb to kill off the overpopulation of deer. Not only does it kill the deer, but every living thing in the radius of the bomb blast. Tell me that is not overkill. Some newer chemo drugs do seek out and target proteins that are found on some cancer cells, but these chemicals are no different than using smart bombs. They are not really all that much better. They are still injecting a highly toxic chemical in your body.

Now they have had 70 years to work on this fight. We spent a lot of money and focused energy from some very bright people to build the atomic bomb, and did it in about 4 years. Every single one of you know at least someone, probably several, that have had cancer and almost all have had chemo. Some lived, some died. And the word cancer still scares us, it is still in our brains as a death sentence. Why?!

I know research doctors are doing their “best”, that they care about their patients and family members who are dying of cancer. I’m sorry but I do not believe pharmaceutical companies do care about the patients… they care about profits. And if you are a president of a¬†pharmaceutical company, let’s sit down and chat. Convince me that I am wrong. But beware, I am not a fool and I am damn good at research.

The¬†pharmaceutical industry is no different than the education system. Everyone wants to help children learn. Parents do, teachers do, even administrators think they do. But administrators think of test scores and budgets and politics, and they loose focus on what is really important… the kids! Don’t get me started on the politicians who claim to put education first, but then where do the first budget cuts strike?

Just like teachers finding better ways to teach the same old thing, medical researchers are doing the same. Both have blinders on. Several years ago AAAS, a leading science education and research institute believed it would take 76 years (the duration of Halley’s Comet to circle around the solar system) to actually change the way science teachers teach science; from the traditional method (reading facts out of a textbook, to using inquiry-based pedagogy in the classroom). You see I’m a science educator and general educational researcher. Medical researchers are still trying to make a better chemo drug, which of course makes¬†pharmaceutical companies happy, because they won’t loose their grip on their profits.

Its time to make Cancer a priority. It’s time to think outside the box and find new ways to kill cancer cells, perhaps stem cells are a beginning to the answer. But we as a world need to address this growing problem. 70 years of the same old shit is not acceptable. Let’s focus on our loved ones, let’s tell politicians and the medical industry to find the way to cure Cancer. Yes, we will have to spend money, but in the long run we not only save the lives of your family and friends, but billions of dollars each year treating people like me with outdated stupid cures. 70 years!!! They built the bomb in four!

~ Mark

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