I have to remind myself what day it is because they are starting to run together. Our floor tech, who is a real sweetie, asked me how my weekend was, and I just looked at her blank. There was a weekend?

We are hitting the point where the chemo has pretty much done its damage and the low blood counts are really starting have a physical impact. Mark is exhausted and weak. But while they had his IV unhooked this morning (he gets about a two hour “breather”) he forced himself to get up and go for a walk and take a shower. And that was about all he could manage today.

This afternoon was snoozy. Blood counts came back a little early and they were good news/bad news. His white blood cells were up and he actually had an ANC count (I think the “C” and count were redundant). We were warned not to get too excited, because they are going to fluctuate. Of course they are. But his hemocrit and platelets were low, so he needed to get transfused for both.

Usually, the platelets and blood don’t arrive from the blood bank until I have left for the evening, but today they got here in the afternoon. Generally, they give Benadryl before platelets to ward of any adverse reactions. But Mark doesn’t react well to Benadryl, so last night they tried the platelet infusion without and it went fine. Today however was a different story. He got flushed, a slightly elevated temperature, itchy palms and soles, and hives. So he got the Benadryl after all. It took about an hour for all they side-effects to subside. And they stopped the platelet infusion. It looked like he got about half the bag, but I bet he will need more tomorrow. I asked if that would impact his blood infusion and the nurse said no, she would start that after he was back to normal. Whatever that is, right? And to make it all really different, this time the Benadryl knocked him out. Go figure.

So, for those of you keeping track, here were today’s blood counts:
white blood cells – 0.6
ANC – 402 (!)
hemoglobin – 7.5
hemocrit – 21.0
platelets – 7

If hemocrit goes below 24, he gets blood. If platelets go below 10, then he gets those.

But I left him tonight just feeling yucky. He had gotten his pain meds about 1/2 before I left and they were just starting to work. And he was between his 2 bags of blood. I swear I looked at the IV pole and there were 6 different things running into him. But I couldn’t with certainty tell you what all of them were. I hate leaving him like that. I know he is in good hands, but I hate it anyway.

Jeff left back for Chicago this morning. The report is a good time was had by all. He stopped by my little house on his way back home to drop off some mail and bring me a gift. A little penguin. Minus his jet-pack. You really have to hear one of his stories and the flying penguins taking on the evils of the world, especially squirrels with flame-throwers. His facebook friends know exactly what I am talking about. Well, apparently the penguins watch out over sisters too. He unfortunately lost his jet-pack somewhere along the way, so we will have to order him a new one. And he needs a name. What do you think?

For anyone who… huh, I typed those 3 words and then got up to do something, and now I have no idea what I was going to say. Now that is really going to bug me. And I am going to leave it there to bug you too, because I hate to be bugged alone. 🙂

And THAT is the way we are going to leave it for this evening. Hoping for a better mañana. (I am soooo multi-lingual)




  1. Thanks Terri. Hang in there. You are doing a great job.

  2. For anyone who…..has been with a sick loved one in the hospital, it is hard to keep positive when there is so little you can do for him. You want to take away the pain and make them better quickly. Actually, just being with him is what he needs. But you also must take time for yourself to recharge and be there for him a again. I think you need to crawl in his bed and give him a big hug and get a big hug back.. Terri you are doing all the right things for Mark and he is going to get better. It will take time and altho I know you know this, it is hard. Mark, I hope today is better than yesterday and we are sending positive prayers. Keep up with the walking and doing what they tell you……and get better every day. Love you both lots. Mom

  3. Awwh, moms are grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! Lovin’ her words! and you are doing ALL the right things! its’ Terrific Tuesday so have a tremendous day of good numbers and less pain! Your bushel of pixie dust is attached! Open without caution, Spread everywhere! Prayers and love!