This is my yet-to-be-named penguin, who is awaiting his jet pack, that watches over me, which my brother gave me.

This is my yet-to-be-named penguin, who is awaiting his jet pack, that watches over me, which my brother gave me.


Aloha! *waves*

Yay! The server is up! Good server, nice server. 🙂

I am happy to report that I have no real news. Nothing significant happened today. Although the dreaded mouth sores did reappear, they were nothing like the ones from Day 6/7. I had to ask if they were there. Not one complaint about them.

Physically, he felt about the same as yesterday. Still taking the Ativan (nausea) and Dilaudid (pain) meds. But went for his walk and shower. Bet some of you never thought you would know about Mark’s shower habits. Be grateful I don’t share everything. We will leave him with some dignity.

He was awake most of the day. I got some work done. We had a mini Star Trek marathon. He was even in a good mood most of the evening. He says he is starting to feel better. And he told me that tonight, so that means something.

ANC yesterday was back to diddly-squat and they hadn’t calculated today’s by the time I left tonight, so I don’t know what today’s number was. I know, I know – they told us the numbers would roller-coaster. But a slow, steady increase would be nice. And geez, how long does it take to calculate that silly number. Some of us are hanging by our fingernails here. His nurse today told him he would start to feel better before the numbers showed significant improvement. Billy was cool.

We have been lucky. Most of his nurses have been great. They work a 12 hour, 3-day shift and then have a break. I am not sure how many days off they get in between. But it seems like we get someone, get used to them, like them a lot, and then it’s day three and we are like, “No! Don’t leave us!” And then they come back to work and we wave in the hall.

I am also happy to report that his hemocrit (which my spell check just changed to democrat WTH?) and platelets were good, so no infusions tonight.

And there you have it. A medium, creeping to good, day. I know, I have my wood next to me and I am rapping away on it. Gosh are my knuckles getting sore. How about you?

I have to tell you, Mark was getting caught up on reading comments today and you all had him awww-ing and laughing. So keep ’em coming!

Until tomorrow,


  1. My knuckles still drag on the ground so I’ll be out on the deck if you need me.

  2. Hey Mark, I am sending all my well wishes and prayers and positive energy your way. I wish I could be with Tim this weekend visiting you but don’t want you to have too much fun! Am thinking about you and your family. I love reading all the posts that Terri puts on your blog.Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you. Lots of love to you. Terri

  3. I had to tell you about what Caitie wore today. Her shirt said “My Daddy Rocks”. Sweet daughter that she is!
    Thought you would like that 🙂