Can you believe it has been 2 weeks since transplant? Them stemmies are doing their thing and counts are slowly creeping up. Except for platelets, I don’t know why they are being so stubborn. So numbers for now:

White blood cells – 0.7
ANC – 532 (!)
Hemoglobin – 9.5
Hemocrit – 26.2
Platelets – 5

So all the numbers went up, except the platelets. And yeah, he needed a transfusion of those today.

It is weird not being there and seeing what is happening first hand. And I am trusting the reports that I am getting. For all I know, the boys are cracking a 6-pack while they watch basketball. I couldn’t get them to either confirm or deny that.

Tim was awesome (was there ever any doubt) and went grocery shopping for Mark today. So add to Mark’s good pile, he is eating. Did all the daily routines and chores. And I can tell when I talk to him, that he is sounding more like himself again. They found a medication to help with his GI tract issue, that is actually helping, so he is more comfortable and that is improving his mood immensely.

There is a snow storm headed this way this weekend, so I am headed back a day early (hello? Mother Nature meet Spring, Spring meet Mother Nature). The kids are excited to go see daddy. And daddy is excited to see them. And I start too many sentences with “and”.

MJ has one of his favorite nurses back this evening, So while we were family Skyping tonight, Judy is chatting it up in the background, being part of the conversation. It was funny.

I don’t think there is anything else to report, but at this time, mellow days are good days.

So, kipa hou mai tomorrow!

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  1. So glad everything is going good. Happy you got some time at home with kids! Love you xoxox