images-1From Mark’s Facebook page:

Just spent the last 3 days with my brother from another mother, aka Tim Kelly. It gave Terri Loibl Gagnon a much needed break and to go be with our kids, and me much needed male bonding time. Jerod Quinn stopped by today too to chat and watch some March Madness. Now Terri is back with the kids. It was a very good day to cap off a great three days. Thanks Tim for hanging with me!

I thought you might appreciate hearing from the man himself.

We made it back ahead of the storm. The kiddos think this is a great adventure and have set up camp in the basement. They really like seeing Daddy and Daddy really likes seeing them. Kai even made friends with another boy who must have been with relatives and they hung out in the Family Room at the hospital and bonded over MineCraft. Kai is really hoping the boy will be there tomorrow too.

So, drumroll, please…

White blood cells – 0.9 (up 0.2)
ANC – 801 (!) (up 259) (we are shooting for 1,500)
Hemoglobin – 9.7 (up 0.2)
Hemocrit – 28.0 (up 1.8)
Platelets – 13 (up 8)

Did you notice all those ups? Yay, stemmies! Make em go up, up, up! And no transfusions today! MJ felt pretty good. Tired. But his doctor said that as his counts are going up he might not feel so hot. I assume that is a his body working so hard at healing itself, kind of thing. And he ate some chicken noodle soup for dinner. So far his stomach seems happy with that.

I can’t think of anything else. Of course, I may just be brain dead. Oh well, if there is something I forgot, I will just have to share it with you tomorrow.



  1. In the here and now, it is good. Thank you for letting us know 🙂

  2. YEA!!!! HAPPY ABOUT ALL OF IT! Keep up the good work Mark, getting those numbers UP. Sounds like the trip and visit is just what the doctor ordered for all of you. Enjoy…….

  3. GREAT NUMBERS! Tim Kelly? I’ve heard of him.

  4. UP up and Away! Yay! good to see numbers up. Good to hear of family visits and good to hear from the man himself!!! A good weekend for all! HUGS