Caitie taking Daddy for a walk

Caitie taking Daddy for a walk


Not exactly snow-pocolypse, but yucky just the same. Heavy wet snow. Kids and I spent the morning at the hospital, and then left about 1pm, just in case the snow storm was going to be as bad as they said. We got there in time to say Goodbye to Tim. It’s always too long between visits with friends, isn’t it? It’s still snowing, they say it will snow tonight and some again tomorrow. Oh, yay! Hellloooooooo? Spring… where are you?

And the rest of the day we have been hanging out, awaiting the number game.

White blood cells – 1.9 (up 1.0)
ANC – 1596 (!!!) (up 795) (and over the 1500 mark 1x)
Hemoglobin – 10.3 (up 0.6)
Hemocrit – 29.1 (up 1.1)
Platelets – 10 (down 3) (boo!)

So what does this mean? We’ll start with the bad news… He got platelets today. Number is just on the edge, and better safe than sorry. And no reaction, so that’s a good thing.

Good news! ANC has hit that magic number of 1500+. One of the requirements for being discharged is ANC has to hit 1,500 twice. Plus they have to judge that he is fit to leave the hospital. Up and about, walking and eating and drinking. They don’t want to release him and then have to re-admit him a day or two later because he wan’t quite ready to leave.

I am seeing a spark of light at the end of the tunnel. Oh, don’t worry, I am knocking on plenty of wood. But, oh my god, to see that number pop up! I will be holding my breath all day tomorrow waiting.

On the food front, there was fruit for breakfast, chicken noodle soup for lunch, and he was ordering teryaki chicken and rice for dinner. His goal is to get on the treadmill tomorrow and start building up his stamina/endurance.

And Caitie lost a tooth, so everyone has news!

Thank you all again for your continued support and positive vibes being sent Mark’s way.



Mark and Tim

Mark and Tim

Tim, Kai (the goofball), and Caitie

Uncle Tim, Kai (the goofball), and Caitie

Caitie and Uncle Tim at dinner

Caitie and Uncle Tim at dinner





  1. Such great news. yay! yay!! yay!!!

  2. So so happy for all the “good” progress !! Also so happy to see “uncle Tim” and Mark together again!!! Love that!!!! xok

  3. Mark you are doing so well, great to see the progress you have made in the short time I was there.
    The staff at the hospital is incredible, Dr. G was awesome and really seemed to care about Mark’s needs.
    I also need to give a call out to Nurse Barb, fantastic upbeat attitude and seemed to make things a lot easier for Mark.
    ANC 1596 keep it up, nice job!
    Friday GFH!!!!! Knocking on wood.

  4. Linda Senenfelder

    So good to bear all the good news. Numbers sound great. Keep the prayers and good vibe coming your way. With Gods help Mark will be back to normal in no time I am sure. Sending love and prayers to you all.