That is me doing my happy dance! Those are some super-stemmies we got.

White blood cells – 2.7 (up 0.8)
ANC – 2322 (!!!!!) (up 726) (and over 1500 2x)
Hemoglobin – 10.0 (down 0.3)
Hemocrit – 28.1 (up 1.0)
Platelets – 16 (up 6)

First, the ANC going up super-speed! I really expected that one to just creep up. But BAM! there it is! (knocking wood, knocking wood) Second, no infusions! Third, doc said today that he thinks Mark will get out tomorrow or Wednesday.

Honestly I think Wednesday is more realistic than tomorrow. But, if they kick him out, they kick him out. It is funny to get the different stories of what really goes on and what to expect that we get from the doctors and then from the nurses.

He went for a walk with Caitie today, no hand rails or anything. Then, got on the stationary bike for an equivalent time of another 3 laps. Caitie gave Daddy 2 stars today.

They took him off the IV antibiotics. They (the nurse) said want him off those for a day or two, to make sure his brand spanking new immune system is kicking in and there is no scary bacteria hiding out in his system. He should be off the IV completely. Everything he needs to take will now be in pill form. And no more growth factor injections.

He is joking and laughing with his nurses and doctors and acting more and more like himself everyday.

So, let’s see if I can remember what he is on. Tacrolimus – anti-rejections. An anti-fungal, an anti-viral. And I think Ativan for nausea and Oxycodone for pain as needed.

ANC, check. Eating and drinking, check. Moving around easily, check. Off IV fluids, check. No fevers for 24 hours prior to discharge, so far so good.

So, YAY!

The kids and I went to Applebee’s for dinner (Conveniently located on the corner across the street for the hospital) and when we got back, we found MJ had been watching George Carlin videos and laughing his head off.


I can't keep up with them.

I can’t keep up with them.

I was supposed to be timing their lap, not taking pictures. Oops.


Kai and his new buddy J.

Kai and his new buddy J.

J.’s mom and I have exchanged phone numbers. They visit our hometown often and so, maybe, the boys can get together and play video games or whatever it is little-big boys do.


Whoops! (and this is after I scrubbed as much black off it as I could)

Although it didn’t snow as much as predicted, I am going to guess 5-6 inches, the snow plow went by and buried my car. Luckily I have a great landlady and she enlisted two young men to come dig us all out. I also had to have her come by and reset the circuit breakers in the basement, because Caitie never got the electrical outlet lesson that said that hanging a necklace off the nightlight in the bathroom was a bad idea. Yeah, CRACK! POP! Originally, I thought she had electrical burns because her finger tips were black. But she said they didn’t hurt and the black all washed off. Whew! Scared the crap out of her and then me too. I was sure we were headed to the emergency room. Lesson learned and little problems in the end.

I am also trying to coax my landlady into getting a brief bump in the internet for the remainder of our stay. It is currently at less than 1 mb. Allthough that is fine for email, and surfing the web (slowly). It’s not going to cut it for both Mark and I online at the same time, and more importantly me trying to work from the house. I need to connect to the server at work and download/upload files. I haven’t been able to do that, without waiting an hour for a file to download. It hadn’t really been a problem before since I was doing most of my work at the hospital and their internet service was a little better. Small problems.

I am looking around the duplex, trying to figure what I need to do before I bring Mark home. And how we are going to get all his stuff that has made its way into the hospital back out of it. Oh well, little problems. 🙂

Also, how am I going to wean Kai off of Cartoon Network?



  1. HALLELUJAH! 🙂 I am so happy for you. Fantastic news!

  2. Woot! Woot!

  3. Outstanding progress!! So glad to hear the good numbers and his upcoming release. Hope he continues to do well 🙂

  4. Awesome news that Mark may be getting out of the hospital in the next day or two! All of us back in the office are keeping up on the progress from afar and rooting for you guys. : )

    As Joe Dirt would say… “Keep on keepin’ on.”

  5. Linda Senenfelder

    Absolutely wonderful news. Can’t believe he has done so well so soon. Every thing is coming together so smoothly and so quickly. God is good. Keeping the prayers coming for continued success in his recovery.

    Much Love and Prayers