imagesI’m GFH… I’m really GFH !!! Right now! No more waiting, we are stepping out the door! … OK… I’m in a wheelchair… It’s a long walk, but I’m GFH!
-Mark’s Facebook page

GFH = Get the eF out of the Hospital <or> Go the eF Home

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.

And if that is all too cryptic, Mark has been released from the hospital!

He calls me at 9:30ish this morning and says, “They are working on discharging me.” After I stopped freaking out, I scooped up the kiddos and headed to the hospital to bring Daddy home. Of course, for anyone that has any experience being in the hospital, knows that this is not a quick process. I think we actually left about 5pm.

They wanted to give him platelets before he left and some magnesium. Both IV and took about 4 hours. Then there is the crap load of prescriptions that they gave him. I stood in line for 20 minutes at the hospital pharmacy to pick them up. And then there was just a lot of waiting.

So what now?

We hang out. Go back to the hospital frequently to have blood drawn and tested. Our next appointment is Friday. After “labs” (that is the blood draw and tested), we have an appointment with the nurse practitioner in his doctor’s office and I am hoping she will give us some clear answers of “What now?”.

I am having a beer by myself to celebrate because Mark can’t have beer or wine since they have yeast in them. But he is sitting next to me at the table. Out of the Hospital!

So if you want to know the final hospital blood counts:

  • white blood cells – 3.7 (Mark says as long as he has been keeping track [7 years?] they have never been this high) (up 1.0)
  • ANC – 3219 (up 897, and they were only 260 when we checked into the hospital)
  • hemoglobin – 10.5 (up 0.5)
  • hemocrit – 29.5 (up 1.4)
  • platelets – 16 (same)

So, I am not quite sure why he got platelets, since it was over 10. But maybe it was a “just in case”.

I probably won’t be posting everyday anymore. But if there are any update or news, I will keep you in the loop about Mark’s progress. The fight is not over, we still have a lot of steps to take until we get that final thumb’s up from the doctor. And I know that I haven’t responded to all your comments lately. It has been a crazy couple of days. But I read and take every word to heart. Knowing that you are out there and reading and thinking of us and wishing us the best has kept me going.

I know I have said it before, but I don’t think I could say it enough… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and souls for your prayers, positive energy, vibes, juju and pixie dust. We truly believe that every who was thinking of him/us made an impact and helped carry us along.


Photo Journal of the GFH:



In the center in the back is Nurse Barb, who has the best sense of humor and is a great nurse

In the center in the back is Nurse Barb, who has the best sense of humor and is a great nurse

Crossing the bridge from the hospital to the parking garage

Crossing the bridge from the hospital to the parking garage

We have officially left the hospital

We have officially left the hospital

And we are outta here!

And we are outta here!





  1. Looking good. Welcome to your home away from home. So happy for you.

  2. I am crying as i read this !!!! Love you all xoxox

  3. Wow! I thought he wd be in for a whole month so 18 days sounds fabulously successful. I bet it will be easier to do qi gong and meditate now! Congratulations on your recent liberation.

    • Calling it Day 18 is a little deceiving. It has been 18 days since transplant. The days prior to that, when he was doing chemo, are referred to a negative days. So actually today is 4 weeks to the day of when he checked into the hospital.

  4. Fantastic!! Take it easy, take it slow, but go-go-go! So glad you have graduated to this next level.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! I’ll still be praying for you, but it’ awesome news that you hit the phase 2 milestone so quickly. Stay strong and positive! 🙂

  6. Linda Senenfelder

    Cogratulations and your next step. Remember to take it slow and easy. You now have all the time in the world. We will keep our prayers coming and send you pixie dust to keep you light on your feet. Please do keep us up dated on Marks progress when you have time. It all seems like a dream that 4 weeks ago be was so sick


  7. I can hear the hallelujah chorus now! Congratulations on your release!! I have tears and goose bumps!