s226358262This is my first real post since I posted my last, A Last Minute Thought. In that post I think some interpreted that I was having second thoughts on doing this. No way!… the last line I wrote was, “Spring, the transplant, is just three days away. I’ll meet you there, take hold of my hand.” I was crossing through to the other side, ready and willing to go all the way.

Well it’s Spring now and I made it through to the other side. When I try, I can remember some of those things that happened on the other side. I will alway remember my transplant night. When Life was given back to me. And when Tim came to town and kept company with me. The rest can stay behind that door.

Later, in a post or two for transplant patients I will go into detail about the experience. I have not forgotten you, its a good part of why we are blogging this journey. I may need therapy afterward, but they have to wait. I’m still trying to heal.

Healing is a slow process. My brain say lets go, go, go. But my body says, “Dude, slow down, you’re hurting me, we have to take baby steps until you can take off.” I guess that is why they tell you it takes most people up to 6 months to heal from a transplant, some even longer, and some never do. Those are the odds, 30 to 40% long-term survival rates. I know I am one of those 3 people… I know that I am going to be cured. So I’m learning to take each day as it comes, and focus on healing.

So I am fine tuning a routine for each day. I take my meds over three hours as I wake up, cuz the alternative is a visit to the porcelain god. I eat a little along the way which helps. Then I try to eat more… it depends on the day. Next, I practice my Qigong and Meditation for an hour or more… depending on the day. Then, I go for a walk and take a nap. I kid you not, this is exhausting, and every step takes will power and determination. Afterwards, I try to eat lunch, then play a game or read until dinner. Finally, I get to spend quiet quality time with my Love.

If I go to the hospital for labs, treatments or a visit, most of that routine goes out the window. Today, we went to the hospital, but I’ll let Terri share that with you…


IMG_0551Now that we are out of the hospital, and the children have gone back home, we are trying to establish some sort of routine. I am not sure exactly what that is yet… but we are working on it. I am getting in the habit of sitting at my dining room table desk and getting some work done. Going into the office seems like so long ago, and something I can’t wait to get back to.

But part of this routine is the hospital/clinic/treatment visits. Today was treatment. That just means going and having labs done, which is blood tests, and then transfusions of blood and platelets if needed. I am happy to report no transfusions were needed today!

We thought it would be interesting to compare blood counts from the day he was admitted to the hospital to today and see how far we have come…

…………………….2/27       4/2         Normal Range
white blood           1.1         5.3          3.8-9.8
red blood cells      3.31       3.53        4.5-5.7
platelets                51         48          140-440
hemocrit               37.2       31.3        40.7-50.3
neutrophil               .2           4.3         1.8-6.6
ANC                      260       4346

The big numbers we are looking at as signs of improvement are the white blood cells and ANC. And as you can see there is huge improvement there. So keep knocking on wood and blowing pixie dust, because it’s working and things are looking good.

Next medical visit is on Friday, so I will update you more then.



  1. AWWW my favorite sentence “Finally, I get to spend quiet quality time with my Love.” That’s what you’re talking about .. love, spring! Great to see the numbers changing… looks like it time we sentyou a barrell of our specially made ‘feel better’ pixie dust. Its grind-ed with our finest diamond grinding wheels down to a wee wiggle of a speck of light. Then the dust is sifted through our leaf magnetic pollen screen to ensure its pollen free just for you Mark/Flynn! Oh, our newest pixie, Chasity, accidentally spilled some ‘love’ dust in the barrell when she sneezed from that all the pollens floating away and into her tiny bitty nose. All the pixies laughed when Chasity exclaimed “Well. That was for our Terri/Cierra, she needs our magic too!”

    • lol… Sunbeam, you are truly amazing! Yes, Terri/Cierra does indeed need some magic too. And I appreciate the special feel better pixie dust too. Please keep it coming, cuz it’s starting to kick in.

  2. Linda Senenfelder

    So happy every thing looks so good. Yes Mark baby steps is the way to go. So and easy wins the race. Everything seems to be going so good. Spring has sprung and you are on the right road. Keep up the good work. Sending love and prayers for continued success