April showers and all...

April showers and all…


Thank you for joining me in rapping on ALL the wood! I am constantly knocking on all the doors and chairs as I pass them and so far it is paying off.

We had a regularly scheduled doctor’s visit today, of course with labs, and everything looks pretty good. Dr. John D suspects Mark may have a mild case of Graft vs Host of the skin and/or the gut. But before you start to worry, it is not a bad thing. A mild case helps him build immunity to it. So they actually want him to get a little GvHD. Honestly, I can’t see anything in his skin. He has freckles and he is pink. But that is normal. Every once in a while his cheeks get flushed, but it goes away. Tummy troubles are more obvious and a pain (not a pun) to deal with. But it is hard to determine what causes what. Is it GvHD? Is it recovery from chemo? Is it the drugs he is taking?

Oh, oh! And before I forget, the hair is starting to grow back. His head and cheeks are getting fuzzy.

But over all, the doctor was pleased. And we have a target date of May 1st to go home. Pixie dust, do your stuff!!!

So blood counts for today:

—————————-Mark             “Normal”
White Blood Cell     8.0 (up 1.0)        3.8-9.8
Hemoglobin           11.6 (up 0.7)      13.8-17.2
Hemocrit                33.4 (up 1.7)     40.7-50.3
Platelets                  84 (up 10)         140-440
Neutrophil               7.1 (up 0.9)        1.8-6.6

Obviously, things are continuing to improve. But, after all this time of wanting the neutrophil numbers to go up, up, up – they can stop now. They are good.

Somehow, we got it into our heads that he would be getting bone marrow biopsies on days 30, 60, and 90. Turns out that is incorrect. He doesn’t need another one until Day 100! So yay!

Next doctor’s visit is scheduled for April 29th. Cross your fingers for continued good progress. Because if it is good news, we are packing up the next day, and going home the following. (*reaches over for her block of wood to knock on*)

Mahalo for all your continued love, support, emails and everything!

Psst - guess who won again?

Psst – guess who won again?


  1. Linda Senenfelder

    Sound like everything is going great sending prayer. Knocking on wood and sending pixie dust so every thing keeps getting better bet the kids are excited Bout May 1. Love you all

  2. WOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! hoo May 1st Target date! that is such wonderful news…. to quote my friend with the ruby shoes “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!!!” Each click of her heels sends puffs of Pixie Dust exploding around her for a safe journey home. Get ready to catch your own barrel of Safe Journey Pixie Dust…. launching it now via cybercables 🙂 Ps. This pixie loves freckles… a gift from the Sun!