stem-cells_1870275cAll had been quiet, doing my routine, eating really well. Well… that has changed. Graft vs Host Disease (GVHD) has set in my gut. Not fun! We went to the hospital yesterday to get IV fluids cuz I’m starting to get dehydrated, and they ran some more labs, and of course they want a sample of what is coming out. TMI?!

Since GVHD was kicking my ass. They upped the Prednizone to help me kick back! We’ll know by Friday. Good news, kidney’s are steadily getting better, but now my liver is spiking. Damn meds!

A word about GVHD… its is a mixed blessing. You want to get it mildly, because it means the donor immune system (T-cells)  cells are working, AND they help destroy any remaining cancerous cells lingering about. I talked in an earlier post how the ablation process (aka chemo) does not get them all. But we want this to be a mild case of GVHD, otherwise it could cause severe problems. Right now we don’t know what is going to happen, except that I am seriously uncomfortable. So if you wouldn’t mind channeling prayers, vibes, and pixie dust my way, I’d really appreciate it.

Here is a great summary of GVHD and its forms, from (which I think is in France).

I think Terri wants to add something, so here she goes…

~ Mark


I know I continue to be super-positive and I hope I am not overdoing it. Although, things seem to be improving consistently, blood counts, how Mark feels… he doesn’t feel great. He is nauseous all the time. Has lower abdominal issues… Everyone reacts differently to the treatments for MDS. And what you end up living with is different for each patient. And they tell you the first 100 days are critical to continued improvement. I look at what he is feeling and think, yeah, they told us this could happen. But obviously I am not the one feeling it. And it is hard to tell if it is a temporary thing or what. Is that making any sense? I just know I have to believe that things are going to get better. Having a positive outlook influences how life goes. You have to put positive energy in, to get positive energy back.



  1. Linda Senenfelder

    We are sending all the positive prayers we can muster. Along with pixie dust by the barrel full. Knocking on wood and being as positive as we can be. Hopping everything turns around for the best. Hang in there it will get better after this small bump in the road.
    Love You

  2. Thinking of you and sorry I haven’t written back to you…I do read all your post! I hope and pray that you start to feel better Mark…You certainly have been a strong patient! Knocking on wood, saying prayers and sending pixie dust! Love to you both..xoxok

  3. Keep up the positive attitude. More wood knocking and prayers are coming your way!! We just know everything is going to be fine!! Go.Go.Go good stuff! 🙂

    • Thank you!

      And for all three of you and many more I really appreciate the ongoing support and positive thoughts!