Its been a busy week for all. Donations, donations, donations! Be a Hero fundraiser on May 19 and the silent auction. A trip to St. Louis to see the Med team. And I’m walking two miles a day on the MKT trail. Let’s start with the positive and go from there. 🙂

Donations to Thank

Terri and I would like to publicly thank the following people for their generosity. Typically, we have been thanking people through Facebook, but not everyone has an account; likewise, we have some donations from some wonderful people but no email addresses. Thank you – “someone who thinks you are wonderful” (our hearts were touched by your chosen name as well), Stephan Lampasso, Jennifer Fogle, and The Diversey Family.

Be a Hero fundraiser silent auction on May 19th.

Here are some important details on the silent auction:

  • Just because you can’t be at the Be a Hero fundraiser doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of it!
  • You can be a silent bidder by contacting Jeff between 1-5 on Sunday. Just text him with the item you’re interested in and he’ll update you on the current bid. Then just let him know your bid amount!
  • It’s that easy. So check out the items on the fundraising page then give him a text at: 773-575-4786
  • (All bids must be closed/paid out by 5:30. Payments are processed through the GiveForward page.)

REVISED FINAL LIST for Silent Auction

(suggested retails are not the opening bid amounts, but they give you an idea of the value)

  1. Quilt: queen-size, Grandmother’s Garden, hand-made by Loretta Loibl: suggested retail $500

    Grandmother's Garden

    Grandmother’s Garden

  2. Quilt: queen-size, Ramblin’ Rose by Loretta Loibl: suggested retail $500

    Ramblin' Rose

    Ramblin’ Rose

  3. Occasional table: white oak, English Chestnut finish, 12 X 35 X 30″ H by Bob Loibl: suggested retail $250

    Occasional table

    Occasional table

  4. Plant stand: white oak, English Chestnut finish, 30″ H by Bob Loibl: suggested retail $75
  5. Plant stand: white oak, English Chestnut finish, 30″ H by Bob Loibl: suggested retail $75936803_10201003234940766_1574450200_n
  6. 19×21″ framed original print of Johnny Cash, from the photographer, Dana Tynan: suggested retail $600

    Original print of Johnny Cash

    Original print of Johnny Cash

  7. $100 gift certificate to Fleming’s Steak House
  8. $50 gift certificate to Pastoral Artisan Cheese & Wine
  9. 36 Edwin Jackson Autographed Baseball: retail $100
  10. 5, ½-lb boxes of Terry’s Toffees: 5 different flavors packaged in 5 different boxes: suggested retail $85
  11. Twin orchids planted in decorative pot: retail $140
  12. Ready-to-fish kit from “Addictive Fishing” on Fox Sun Sports: suggested retail $240
  13. Afghan: hand-knit throw: Knitted by Jean Kemp 36″ x 72″ suggested retail $150

    Afghan: hand-knit throw

    Afghan: hand-knit throw

  14. Quilted lap blanket by Janet Winkelmann: suggested retail $100
  15. Handmade wooden bi-plane; approx. 14″ long with 13″ wingspan: suggested retail $100

    Handmade wooden bi-plane

    Handmade wooden bi-plane

St Louis Update

There is a silver lining here that I am looking for, but have not found. So I’ll start with the positive once again and maybe I’ll find it while I’m writing this. My GVHD in the gut did not trouble me this week as we reduced the Prednizone by 10mg (or 1/4). So we are dropping it another 10mg this week. Once again, we’ll have to wait and see what happens, so please rap on that wood and send some more pixie dust, positive vibes, or prayers my way, if you can. 🙂

I mentioned that the Med team and my Doc would be adjusting meds to find the right combination for me… it takes time and perhaps this is just a part of the big picture, and I can’t see the forest through the trees. In the last 3 weeks my platelet count has dropped significantly. On 4/29 it was 79,000, last week it was 69,000 and today it was 54,000. So we are running a bunch of tests, some take up to two weeks. It could be one (or more) of six issues, some are just adjusting the meds or giving me a new one, some are not so good. I’ll know some more or perhaps the answer next week. I’ve dealt with this level of a platelet count before, so I know how to be careful. On top of this, both kidney and liver levels are going up again, so it was back to the treatment room for more IV fluids and I’m drinking a lot of liquids this week.

I guess I was not expecting complications like this and once I get my head wrapped around it I’ll see the forest once again. Silver lining where are you?! Perhaps Terri will find it…

~ Mark

Silver lining huh? Our family is together. Mark is getting healthier everyday. No, we do not know why his platelet count is dropping, but Stephanie the NP did say that it is not something to get stressed out about now. They are running a bunch of tests to rule problems out and then they try adjusting the meds. Kinda what they have been saying all along… play with all the meds until they find the right combinations. The hard part is that, it is one thing to KNOW this, it is another to actually go through it. You just kind of going into this hoping that everything will go textbook and be perfect, and then… hello reality!

Did I find the silver lining? I don’t know. I do know this. I believe with every fiber of my being that Mark is going to get better and healthier and it is just going to have to be one step at a time. 




  1. Linda Senenfelder

    We will keep the prayers comi g d Dd. little pixie dust to help get your meds in the right order. Just remember to take it one day at a time.lots of love and prayers comiing your way

  2. Thanks Linda! I apologize for the delay in responding. You’re continuous support is wonderful and something I look forward to!