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Close-up of human hands clasped together in unity against white backdropThe Be a Hero fundraiser on May 19th was a fun time for all and a success in collecting donations to support our family financially during this difficult time.

We would like to thank with all our hearts the generosity of those who have donated, by attending or through the silent auction, to the Be a Hero fundraiser. Additionally, to the many who could not attend and made contributions to the GiveForward website before and after to support the fundraiser. And to the following people for their time and generous donations to the silent auction for the Be a Hero fundraiser: Loretta Loibl, Bob Loibl, Dana Tynan, Janet Winkelman, Patrice and Kevin McCabe, Patrick Lannon, Greg O’Neill, Matthew Harvatt, Megan Matteson, Vaughnda Johnson, Terry Opalek & Michael Frontier. These are people that very generously donated items as a special favor. Jeff Loibl has worked his tail off with Fundraising. He has been running the Give Forward site and organized the Be a Hero fundraiser. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of time and effort he put into the fundraiser. But he has been sending out emails and Facebook messages daily to keep people informed and ask them to help us. There is no way on this earth to say what is a meager Thank You.

I would like to draw your attention to the list on the right hand side of the page, under “Our Angels.” We wanted to acknowledge everyone who has supported us and helped us. We are astounded as to how long the list has become. Again, Thank You is too small a phrase to explain how we feel.

We would also like to thank all of you for your support through prayers, positive vibes, and pixie dust that you are continuously sending my way. Your comments and love help me get through some very dark days. This journey is far from over… I am at day 80 of the 100 most critical days during a bone marrow transplant, with only a handful of complications (knock some wood).

I am blessed by your love and support! Thank you!

~ Mark and Terri

We will be closing the GiveForward website on May 31st. To all of our Angels (over 120 individuals and families!), we thank you with all our hearts. Your gifts have made a difference in our lives financially and emotionally. It is very difficult for us to ask for any help, that is how we were raised and have lived our lives. But with humility and good advice from some family members and friends, we decided with the generous leadership of Jeff Loibl to open the GiveForward website. The GiveForward website was a good way to provide a way for people who wanted to support our family through this crisis. Donations are an important and very generous way to contribute and support families.

Quoting Jeff, “With every dollar you help raise or donate, you are helping them cover:

• lost wages during his hospital and hopeful recovery
• 2+ months of food and temporary lodging in St Louis, which is uncovered by insurance
• [monthly] insurance premiums
• medical and prescription co-pays
• travel and fuel expenses between Columbia and St Louis

Every aspect of this debilitating illness is costly. Not only financially; but mentally and emotionally. They are not sure when Mark will be able to go back to work or how much medical attention he will require [now and in the future]… That’s why we’re asking for your help in raising $35,000. This is the estimated amount needed to cover their expenses […] as Mark embarks on his long road to recovery.”




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