Does this look familiar?

Does this look familiar?

This is going to be very short. I got a message from Stephanie, my nurse practitioner about my biopsy I had last Friday. I want to give you all an answer, but I can’t. Because honestly I have no idea what it means at this stage of a stem cell transplant. We see My Doc on Monday, July 1st and there will be a lot of questions and answers. So we will update you when we understand what is going on and what the treatment protocol is going to be.

Donor cells are not 100% like Day 30, but what that means… well refer to paragraph 1. There are other tests and I could spew numbers at you, but again refer to paragraph 1.


  • I’m NOT having a relapse, which means that my MDS is not taking over the stem cells in my bone marrow and causing all my complications. We can celebrate that! Yea!
  • Platelet count has stabilized between 21 and 32, which means I won’t have to get transfusions until they drop to 20 or below. We can celebrate that too! Its really not that fun to have a transfusion.

I still have all the complications I did before but I have a routine so I can control the pain when it comes up. If you want to come over, I can share and we can celebrate that too!  I just wish the walls would stop bumping into me (both are a joke, btw). At the same time I can’t leave the house unsupervised, and Caitie and Kai do NOT count. Can you imagine me and Kai driving to the store together to buy something? ROFL!

images-1But all of this is temporary, because My Doc and his team will figure it out and make the adjustments that need to be made. Yes, its taking longer than I expected and we had hoped for. But they know I’m not in relapse and all the other tests will give them a direction for treatment. So let’s celebrate that!

~ Mark and Terri


  1. Linda Senenfelder

    Celebrating with you at this point

  2. kathee zurian

    Happy to hear that!!! Wish I could celebrate with you!! 🙂 Keep going strong..xoxok

    • Sure we can, pick a time and we’ll celebrate at the same time… Just maybe not the same local. But you and the family are alway welcome at our home!

  3. Keep on “keeping on”!!! I’ve been busy with grandkids and all but still thinking of both f you and your family! Hope all comes to a good conclusion after all of your pain and patience.


    • Just bumps in the road, sometimes those hurt like hell, but I’m tough and have a lot to fight for. I’m happy you are spending time with the g-kiddos. And I heard from a mutual friend, retirement is doing you good! So that is something we should celebrate too!

      Miss ya,


  4. Yes, let’s celebrate indeed!!

  5. greetings. And a big congrats to you. I just wanted to reach out to you because my husband was just dx’ed with MDS May 15th, 2013. He has chosen a different path than the one you’re on, but I wanted to wish you and your family all the best! Huggs to you all !

    • Christine, we should talk. Terri looked up your website and I will read it soon. There is so much we can do to ” heal” ourselves, long before what I am going through.

  6. Every day is a day to celebrate!! Cheers to both of you!