3020_90996541092_2072950_nTerri, TL, Cierra to some

I am a mom, a wife, an older sister, a daughter.. I have a degree in Organizational Leadership. I am a teacher (once a teacher always a teacher) and an Editor at Mizzou K-12 Online. What does all this mean? I am bossy by nature and nurture, habit and experience. Yes, I do think I am always right. Come on people, get on board.

I am a major fan of Husker football and am addicted to surfing. I work to keep myself out of trouble. I love to read and play games on my computer. My iPad rarely leaves my side. I need massive quantities of quiet, alone time, which of course, if you read the above, I don’t get enough of. Chips and Diet Coke make me happy. I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor that you will learn to appreciate while reading my posts. Or not.

I have 2 kiddos that are the light of my life. I call them Missy or Sweetpea, and Bubbs or Booger Butt. Don’t mess with my family or I will chew your arm off. Okay, maybe not, but I have a real good mean look. My alter-ego is Cierra. Cierra is a surfer in Second Life.


Mark, MJ, Flynn to some

He is the one that actually has to have the medical stuff done to him. He is the lead instructional designer and curriculum coordinator for Mizzou K-12 Online. This is a dream job for him, because he gets to create high quality, student-centered, and constructivist/inquiry-based courses. If you want to know about his views on education, see his portfolio.

He is a major USC football fan, likes to cook (and eat) and play on his computer. Enjoys science fiction, but rarely has time to read it. He loves anything to do with the ocean, whether just staring at it or actually getting in it. He has surfed, snorkeled, scubaed (that just looks wrong), wake boarded, sailed… you get the picture. Being landlocked in the midwest is a major sacrifice.

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