calendar…about Caring Bridge. It is an calendar/organizer where “events” will be set up that you can volunteer for. Two things, you have to register (create an account) with Caring Bridge. Then there is a spot under “Tasks”on the right where you “join planner”. At that point you have not committed to anything, just joined the community. As soon as we figure out what our needs, “events”, are, you will see a calendar on this page with items you can choose from if you wish to do so.

Also of note: If you make a donation on this site, you are donating to the organization of Caring Bridge. The money does not go to us.


As Mark and the family gear up for the 27 Feb procedure, we’re setting up a calendar where you can volunteer to help with various activities: from giving Terri or my parents a break to playing laser tag with Mark. Okay, maybe not so much the latter. But you get the idea.

The page will be going live in a week or so through where we’ll outline all the things you can help out with.

To prep for this, we’re asking anyone and everyone to please sign-up today at:

Once you do, you’ll be able to volunteer for the activities once we create the calendar. But if you can do it now, it’ll save you a lot of time in the near future. Please also check out the Ask Jeff page for future updates and announcements.

As always, the entire family thanks you in advance!