images-1Today we are in St. Louis, getting ready for Mark to have labs and a platelet transfusion, so that at 2pm they can place a “Central Line” into an artery next to his heart. This is a sterile line that pops out of his chest, so they can give him chemo, painkillers, and other drugs. It will also be how they inject (infuse) the new donor stem cells into his body. More on that to come…

Jeff Loibl, my brother has generously volunteered his time and energy to coordinating any and all support we may need. He has established two sites for us, CaringBridge for people to volunteer their time and to help coordinate events. Please see the “Quick Note” and the Ask Jeff page for details.

He has also established a site for donations, at GiveForward. Our primary goal right now is to pay for the insurance premiums and the “Almost Home” rental that Mark and I will be staying at while we are in St. Louis.

Today, we want to thank Linda and Lyle Mason who donated money to deep clean the rugs of our Columbia home just before Mark comes home. We want to thank Joe Gagnon and his family for their generous donation that will help pay for our insurance premiums for March. We want to thank Carol Newton for her generous gift card that will begin the donation campaign to help pay for the Almost Home rental.

Thank you for your generosity and support, prayers and good vibes, and pixie dust!

-Terri and Mark