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We all know what chemo does to you. So why not make the most of it. As a young ‘un, I went through phases as we all do. Hippie, punker, (cough) professional. Through all of these phases, I’ve always liked my hair. Vane as that is. I really hate the “professional” look, and once I land a job I let my hair grow out.  I’m a redhead and damn proud of it.


When I hit 30ish it started to go white… heredity, my mom did as well… at least I was not going bald. As I said, I like long hair, so those punker days with short hair were short lived. I tried a “mohawk” then, but it was pathetic. I couldn’t shave my head… that would just feel wrong.

Knowing a month ago I was going to once I began chemo, I had to do something DIFFERENT.

When we told our kids I was going to become bald for a while, it shocked them, but I lightened the blow by telling them we would have a shaving party and give me a mohawk. This time I was going to shave my head. I totally empathize with women going through chemo. I just don’t want my hair to come out in chunks. I’m sure all my fellow males are shaking their heads. But most of you are bald anyway… so shut up! LMAO. Anyway…

IMG_0165Kai thought it was a cool idea, he has long hair too (that is UNUSUAL in the midwest, he’s in 4th grade). When it came time to shave my head he kinda backed away. Bummer… I think it is becoming real to him, Terri has other opinions. Caitie joined in as our videographer. She helped me spike my hair. It was fun for her. I’m really glad, cuz this has been hard on her. She understands.

So we are going to make the mohawk really fun, spike it right… add some colors… We’ll add links as the week goes along.

You can view several more pictures from this day on my Flickr account.

On Saturday we took it up a notch… See the Flickr set Punked.