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…as Mark likes to say.

It is hard to decide where to start so I will just introduce the nitty-gritty.

Mark and I have lived with this so long (or so it feels) that I am not sure who I have or have not gone into details about it. Mark has been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) since 2005. For him it has been a slowly progressing disease (although it isn’t really a disease, it’s a cancer), and we have been dealing with symptoms as they arise and waiting for the doctors to tell us it is time to begin serious treatment. Well it is time.

In about 6 weeks, Mark will be having a Stem Cell Transplant (Bone Marrow Transplant). The specialist for this is in St. Louis at the Siteman Cancer Center (Barnes-Jewish Hospital) and we will be there for about two months. It involves chemo, the transplant, and up to two years of immunosuppressant drugs and more or less, quarantine. So yeah, fun times.

Now we are trying to get prepared for that. Mark is trying to keep a very zen attitude about the whole process, and I am extremely optimistic that as much of a pain in the ass this whole thing will be, ultimately every thing will turn out just fine. None the less, we need all the positive vibes you can send our way. And so that is what is going on in our lives now. When Mark was first diagnosed with this, we thought that transplant was imminent and started a blog then. You can read about the start of our journey there.

We have set up this blog so that we can keep everyone up to date with what is going on. I am also hoping by posting to this blog, someone else who is going through the same thing will have some idea what to expect, because it has been hard to find out info from the patient and family side of things.

There are some links on the sidebar to give you more information for now. But I will continue to update with whatever comes up and more details as they happen.

Love to everyone and consider being a blood marrow donor.

– Terri