As many of you know I have a rather horse voice, Neaaa… that should be hoarse. Anyway… one of the many problems with having MDS for me is that my immune system is shot. MDS is a weird cancer, it affects each individual differently (perhaps why they call it a Syndrome). So for me it impacts my white cells and platelets greatly, while my red cell count is just below normal. For example, you probably have a range between 4.3 – 10.8 white cells on a lab report, where my white cell count is about 1.5 and my platelet count is around 50 (you’re homework is to look up the range of normal for that yourself).

Anyway, back to the horse. In 2005 I got Scarlet Fever (yep! how weird is that) and the doc looked down my throat and said I had growths on my vocal cords. Wonderful! He said lets see what those are… cus they don’t belong there. Long story short. I have a virus, most of you probably have it to but your immune system fights it off. Mine can’t. This virus grows like a wart and this is a good analogy. When you have a wart, say on your hand, you put some medicine on it and it slowly goes away. Perhaps, you go to a doctor and they freeze it off. Well that is what they do to me.

Except it’s on my vocal cords… mmmm yeah. So every 18 months or so, I go in and they use a CO2 laser to burn them off. This requires a platelet transfusion, general anesthesia, placing a tube down my throat, burning the growths away, and who knows what else; cuz I’m not awake at the time. Fun times! I can’t speak for a week, and well… it leaves behind scar tissue as it heals. So much for singing!  No big deal… This will be the 4th time.

I do have to do it now, because during the transplant I won’t have an immune system at all for a period of time and they will grow like weeds. That would not be good. Get the Round-Up. I also need to heal for 3 – 4 weeks before the transplant so the open sores don’t cause an infection.

I’m not really different from other people with MDS. They have their problems too, most are just different, many are worse than what I have to go through. This is just my wonderful variation. Oh well… but if you have a minute on Thursday, send some good vibes my way. ;P

Love ya all!

– Mark