Step whatever out of whatever.

This step – tell the kids. The kiddos, they are 9 and 11, have known that daddy has been ill. That he has a “sickness”. That he catches bugs easily and sometimes gets really sick from them. Recently we have had a couple of hospital visits for two different viruses, because they knocked Mark on his ass so bad. But they saw what it was like in the hospital, and that the doctors and nurses gave him medicine and took care of him, and he got better. And most importantly, he came home.

So Thursday night we sat them down to tell them what is going on. Different conversations with each child, since their personalities are so different and the way they react to things is so different. The 11-year old girl child wants and gets more details. The boy, not so many. You give him too much information, he starts to tune out. So they got a brief explanation of what MDS is and why it is a problem, and what a stem cell transplant involves.

But they both got the same information. It is time for the doctors to start trying to cure daddy’s sickness. And the basics of what that will involve. The hardest part for them is the fact that we will be separated for 2 months. The boy was very accepting of what was going to take place. The girl, a little scared. And we told her that was alright to be scared. But we assured both kids that although this was going to be hard, it was going to be okay. Everything was going to be alright. Keeping on the positive side… Daddy was going to be better and healthier than he is now.

There were some tears, lots of hugs, and snuggling. They are already familiar with using Skype and video chats. So they would be able to “see” us every day. I promised that I would come home for visits when friends of daddy’s came to see him and that I would occasionally kidnap them for a weekend to take them to St. Louis so they could visit daddy in person.

We also sent an email to their teachers and their principal, letting them know what is and will be going on. Asking them to be understanding and supportive, and to provide comfort if needed. We heard back them and it has been very positive.